Professional and high quality valuation of property including:

  • apartments;
  • individual houses (residential houses);
  • land for individual construction;
  • land for commercial construction;
  • objects for industrial construction;
  • and other real estate objects.
Our valuations will enable the customer:

  • to apply for bank loan to buy property;
  • to determine actual market value of real estate (whether the quoted price is fair and represents the property's market value);
  • for the needs of accountancy;
  • to determine the forced sales value of repossessed property.


Cooperate with our team to receive professional and safe valuation!

Cooperate with our team
to receive
professional and safe valuation!


All valuation experts of PRO Nami have obtained the LĪVA (Latvian Association of Property Appraisers) certificates. We perform real estate valuation in compliance with Latvian property valuation standard LVS-401.


Printed copies of valuations are duly secured against falsification as the forms have embedded holograms.

Complete online application form to apply for a property valuation service.

Completion of this application form does not impose any obligation on you. Please regard this as a good start of a productive future cooperation allowing for fast and efficient valuation of your property.

Our valuation experts will contact you within 24 h.
For even better valuation process and result


To obtain a more precise view of the object we recommend to order a video material that will provide a more precise information about visual condition of the object. Such video material is especially important in valuation of objects of large area (e.g. industrial objects etc.).

For corporate customers of PRO Nami

We have created a tool that is available only to regular customers of PRO Nami. It is envisaged for monitoring, archive of valuation etc. For more information about contact us.